Revamp Your Avondale, AZ Backyard with Artificial Grass Masters

If your yard is looking worse for the wear, then why not get artificial grass? We know that it seems like an overwhelming decision at first. But once you know what you’re getting into, it becomes so much more exciting. You’ll find yourself wanting to redo your entire backyard so that all of your guests will be marveling over how gorgeous your garden looks! Taking care of natural grass can be a real pain in the neck, especially when keeping up with maintenance in the fall. That’s why we recommend that you explore all of your options before making a final decision on whether or not to use natural grass. 

Of course, if you still think natural lawns are better suited for your Avondale, AZ home or business property, then you should check out this Tumblr page full of photos of what could be possible with real grass!


There are many reasons why making the switch to artificial turf is well worth it. The first reason is that, unlike natural lawns, there’s almost no maintenance involved in taking care of artificial grass. It requires less water than natural lawns and will never need to be fertilized ever again! No more playing around with chemical sprays that can be harmful if ingested by animals or children. Not only that but people have been known to have severe allergic reactions from coming into contact with some varieties of grasses and weed pollen. In addition, using natural grass can lead to a buildup of pollen or mold spores which can be harmful to those with allergies to pollen and the elderly.

So, what makes artificial grass such a great choice? It doesn’t have harsh chemicals which can lead to an increase of bacteria and germs. This means that anyone is welcome in your backyard! You won’t have to worry about pesky weeds or patches popping up in your yard. 

It’s also really easy to maintain when compared with natural lawns. It is resistant to UV rays, which will prevent fading from sunlight exposure. In addition, it has been proven that fake grass is perfect for the desert-like conditions of Avondale, AZ because its warm temperature properties allow it to stay nice and cool during the summer months when temperatures skyrocket into triple digits. With all these advantages, it’s no wonder why more people are opting for artificial grass.

What are the different types of artificial grass?

There are three main kinds of artificial turf that you can choose from depending on your needs. The first type, polyethylene blades, is similar to natural lawns because it mimics their look which makes it perfect for putting right in front of your home or business. These blades come in various sizes and can be cut to size easily with a pair of scissors. They are also very soft underfoot, so this option may be suitable for use as play areas or pet exercise areas since this kind isn’t usually found at big box stores.

Keep in mind that 100% PE blades will show signs of wear over time though they won’t damage the blade itself which means that if you’re looking for a long-term solution, it might be best to consider another type of artificial grass.

Another option is the 100% polypropylene blades which come in many different styles and looks such as sisal, Bermuda grass, and buffalo. These blades are typically made from recycled materials and can even resist fire! That means that if you’re looking for something that can withstand heat or flames up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit then this may be a good choice for your home or business’s landscaping design.

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