Signs you need to replace your Denver A/C unit

If you’re like many people, you probably have a home that has an air conditioner that just doesn’t seem to cool the room down anymore. You may even notice that the compressor seems to work harder than necessary. In addition, you might be noticing some other symptoms that are indicative of needing a replacement air conditioning unit.

Have you been struggling with these issues for a while now? Then it might be time for you to consider replacing your current AC unit with something better suited for your needs. Air conditioning repair services in Denver can be given by Ocean Blue Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC, professional technicians in our trusted network.

When was the last time you checked your air conditioner?

If you’re anything like most homeowners, chances are the answer is never. That’s because they don’t realize the signs that their AC system really needs replacing. An air conditioning unit or condenser is responsible for cooling the air inside your home. Over time, it will begin to break down due to wear and tear if preventative maintenance is not given to your entire air conditioning system.

The good news is that you can easily determine if your AC needs repair or replacement by observing these five symptoms.



5 Signs you need to replace your Denver A/C unit 

Here are some common symptoms indicating that it’s about time to upgrade your A/C system and start enjoying cooler temperatures again.

  1. Your air conditioner makes a loud noise at startup.
  2. Do you feel as if your home is getting hotter or colder than normal? If this is happening, it means that your cooling system isn’t working properly, maybe it could be that your central air filter has become clogged.
  3. Are there any leaks coming from the outside vents? If you notice any water dripping behind your wall panel or in the area around the windows, you should definitely take action. Leaks can lead to mold and mildew problems, which can wreak havoc on your home and potentially cause serious health issues.
  4. Do you smell anything unusual in the house? Your air conditioner should never emit any sort of odor, but if you notice any strange scents, it could mean that you’re dealing with a larger problem.
  5. Your furnace stopped working properly, or is your furnace making noise when you turn it on? 

Don’t wait until you need emergency air conditioning repairs

Any of these potential issues can indicate that you should call a professional right away before things get out of hand. If you are in Denver, you can count on one of our Trusted Air Conditioning Professionals: Ocean Blue Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC.

If you’re having trouble keeping your a/c system working properly, or if you’ve had an issue with your air conditioning service before, call Alayna Christensen from Ocean Blue for help. They’ll come to your home, diagnose the problem, and fix it as quickly as possible. 

Ocean Blue offers a full range of services including installation, repair, service, and parts. Their team of highly skilled professionals is experienced in commercial and residential HVAC installations, repairs, and service.

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