Solar Panels in Scottsdale Just Makes Sense

If solar panels in Scottsdale were an electoral vote, it would be all but unanimous. This is not to say that solar power systems are not a good decision for people living elsewhere or even in some parts of Arizona. However, solar companies serving the Phoenix metro area see over 90% of their home solar installations happening in Scottsdale and surrounding communities.

Scottsdale has many factors which support the use of solar energy.  The city itself is sunny with clear skies 273 days per year on average.  Solar insolation levels rival some countries making Scottsdale one of the best solar cities in America. South-facing rooftops receive 3-4 more hours of direct sunlight than homes facing north. A typical solar panel can produce up to 2,000 watts of solar power in a sunny city like Scottsdale. Compare that to the average solar panel in Seattle which generates around 1,100 watts per day.

Scottsdale solar companies report that solar power pays for itself faster in Scottsdale than in other parts of the country. Most solar leases are competitively priced with electric utility rates which are lower in Scottsdale than in much of Arizona. As solar panels produce more electricity over time, they become even more affordable. The combination of low-cost solar financing options and high solar insolation make solar hot water heater installation Scottsdale an excellent value proposition when considering home solar energy.

With so many factors working together to support the use of solar energy it is no wonder solar panels in Scottsdale are a popular solar option. However, the solar panel installers serving Scottsdale offer many other reasons to consider solar panels for your home.

THE AMOUNT OF SOLAR POWER produced per panel on a south-facing roof increases by more than 30% after solar panels reach about 8 years old. This means that solar panels produce even more income over time making them cheaper and cheaper to own despite a higher initial cost.

SOLAR HEATING SYSTEMS require very little maintenance due to their durable design and use of heat-resistant metals which do not corrode when exposed to high temperatures.

FLOODED LEAD-ACID BATTERIES can last up to five times longer when used with solar heating systems compared with typical battery life in solar hot water heaters.

SOLAR WATER HEATING SYSTEMS are much cheaper to install than solar panels on your roof. Split solar heating units can save you several thousand dollars in installation fees.

A SOLAR SYSTEM produces the most power when it is needed the most; sunny summer days afternoons. This means that solar panels work to cool your home and produce solar electricity during the hottest part of the day when everyone’s air conditioners are running full blast.

SOLAR PANELS help you save money on your next electric bill even if they are not producing electricity at that moment. This is because solar power systems feed any extra solar energy produced back into the utility grid. Scottsdale solar companies report that solar panels help avoid energy consumption during peak demand periods which can save ratepayers up to $2.00 per kilowatt-hour. Decreasing consumption at peak solar power times also decreases the need for expensive new power plants.

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