Top phoenix exterior painting tips

To keep your home looking its best year-round, you need to make sure that your paint job gets the proper protection from the elements. Even if your house has been well maintained, over time, dirt can build up between the siding and paint, causing chipping and peeling. When exterior house painting projects go bad to get on Robert Mausbach’s hands, is due to not having the knowledge of professional painters like him and his team in Robo Painting LLC.

Remember to follow these top tips given by exterior painting services experts, or you’ll have to repaint the exterior of your home sooner or later; you don’t want to do it at the expense of the look of your home, do you?

Top Phoenix exterior painting tips

Here are some easy steps to help you protect your exterior paint job while keeping it looking great!

  1. Start with a clean canvas. Start by washing your surface down well with water. You don’t want any dirt or oil residue left over from previous paint jobs. Wipe away any dust that may have settled on the surface using a soft cloth dampened with water.
  1. Apply primer if needed. If you’re going to use latex paints, apply a good-quality primer first. This is especially true if you are working with a porous surface like wood. Primer helps prevent your paint from peeling off your surface before drying. If you are using acrylics, this step isn’t necessary.
  1. Mix up your color palette. Next, start mixing up colors. Try starting with two colors at once. You can create different shades and tones by adding more or less pigment to your paint. Once you’ve got your base colors mixed up, add a third color to make a gradient. Gradients are great for adding depth to your work.
  1. Start at the top – When you paint your Phoenix home, start from the top down. If you are painting the roof, make sure that the first coat goes over any existing sealer. This will prevent water from penetrating into the wood and causing decay. Use a good-quality latex primer to get a good bond between the paint and the substrate.
  2. Apply multiple coats – Once the initial coat has dried, apply two additional coats. A thick layer of paint can help protect against the elements.
  3. Seal the exterior – When you finish applying the final coats of paint, use a clear polyurethane varnish to seal the exterior of your Phoenix home. It helps keep moisture out and protects the surface of the paint from fading or peeling away. You should wait about three weeks before using this type of product.

Painting doesn’t need to be hard nor should it be a chore

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