Top Tips to Maintain your Solar Panels in good condition if you are in the Phoenix area

Maintain your Solar Panels in good condition by providing good quality maintenance, this helps you keep your panels working effectively and efficiently. It’s easy to overlook maintenance of your solar system, so make sure you don’t risk damaging your solar panels by neglecting routine checks. 

How often should I check my solar panels? Does it change if it’s cloudy or sunny outside? Count on August Heiss’s expertise and the entire ADH Solar team to provide the best guidance to take care of your Solar Panel system.

The hot and humid year-round climate forces people to pay close attention to the solar power system. In some climates, even the slightest drop in temperature can affect your solar panel’s output.

Most people forget about their solar panels until they notice something wrong with them. Or maybe you’ve suddenly noticed that your panels aren’t producing enough electricity. If you’re worried about overpaying your electric bill, then consider checking your panels on a regular basis.

 5 Solar Panel Cleaning tips to keep your panels clean and safely

The tips below will help maintain the health and longevity of your solar panels. This should ensure that they continue to run efficiently and produce clean energy.

  1. When cleaning the surface off of the panel, use only mild cleansers. Avoid abrasive detergents and scrubbing products.
  2. Use a soft brush and a dry cloth rather than harsh solvents.
  3. Be careful not to leave any residue from cleaners.
  4. Cleaning solutions containing ammonia, chlorine bleach, or other chemicals can damage the protective coating applied to the solar cells.
  5. Never apply heat or pressure to the panels — this may cause them to crack or break!

Maximum efficiency of your solar panels by avoiding the buildup of dirt

Phoenix’s normal operating temperature can be hard on the panels, making it crucial for a maintenance plan. Here are three important details to keep in mind.

  • Cleaning

The first thing we recommend doing whenever you get into your solar panels is cleaning them off. You can do this by using a soft cloth or brush that has been dipped in rubbing alcohol and then running it across the surfaces. Also, make sure you have the panels away from any sources of moisture as this could cause corrosion. When you’re finished cleaning, let the panels dry thoroughly before putting them back together.

  • Waterproofing

Another thing you need to keep a close eye on is making sure that nothing enters the panels directly through the seams. That’s where water can enter during rainy days. In order to prevent this from happening, use silicone caulking around the seams of the panels. This way, even if rain gets inside the panels, it won’t seep out easily.

  • Inspections

Make sure that once a month you take a look at the panels to check for cracks or damages. If something does happen, it would be best to fix it right away in order to avoid further damage.

Maintain your energy production running smoothly

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