Turf Services: An Industry Overview

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Turf Services: An Industry Overview

The artificial turf service industry is composed primarily of specialized contractors who work with customers to select and install synthetic grass products according to their preferences. This involves helping customers calculate their budget requirements for installation and choosing from different types of turf that suit their needs. Additionally, these contractors can provide additional landscaping services such as gradients and grading work to ensure that the surface provides a safe play area or walking path.

In addition to offering installation services for installing artificial turf products in gardens or school yards many artificial turf companies also offer maintenance packages. 

These packages may include annual inspections to check the quality and integrity of the surface; cleaning off moss or dirt buildup; aeration; fertilizer applications; mowing services; pest control treatments; edging strips installation; drainage solutions; repairs; paint touch-up jobs when needed; replacement pieces in case of damage; irrigation systems setup and adjustment if necessary; removal of old materials after an area has been renovated or replaced.

As an integral part of any facility’s maintenance program, accessorizing artificial turfs with special features (such as white lines painted on football/soccer field surfaces) before installation can make all the difference between having a great looking lawn or having one that retains its overall “natural” feel year-round. Artificial turf providers usually carry an extensive selection of blades and infill granules plus various paints specialized for these purposes so clients have plenty of options when it comes to design elements in their outdoor space projects.

Finally, some companies also offer extended warranties for those who want added security: most standard coverage periods range from one year up to 10 years (depending on trade background restrictions), but there may be additional coverage available upon request.  Therefore, inquiring about what is included with each specific product is recommended.

In general terms, however, regardless if it’s at home garden projects or large scale hospitality projects involving synthetic grasses they all benefit from better durability over conventional alternatives. Plus, faster drying times after rainfall caused draining systems to help prevent flooding hazards. Artificial turf provides excellent social experiences no matter how hard the weather conditions might be. Preventing muddy fields that can easily give away a game in seconds!


As governments continue providing incentives encouraging shift towards natural resources-saving habits, companies using artificial grass technologies will most likely experience greater success when compared against non specialized firms lacking this kind of expertise .

In conclusion, artificial turf has become increasingly popular due to its realistic looks, decrease water consumption rates and upkeep costs. Making a choice between keeping natural turf or installing artificial turf, ultimately wins going for the highest value quotations and how it will suit individual requirements in the best possible way. For a better assessment of your plans, contact Joshua Apodoca from Artificial Grass Masters today!

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