Types of Homes for Sale in Denver, CO

Denver’s housing stock is a patchwork of distinct architectural styles that have evolved over the previous century. The residences in Denver are the result of a historical architectural tradition. It’s a lively and energetic city hidden among gorgeous mountains, one mile above sea level. The city is well matched to enjoy the stunning natural surroundings as well as the treasure trove of conveniences, as it combines adequate outdoor leisure with modern metropolitan resources.

Types of Homes for Sale in Denver, CO

Synergy One Lending and HOA.com want to elevate and enrich your mortgage experience by providing the perfect blend of excellent customer service and cutting-edge technology. They also offer professional counsel. Perhaps you are seeking ideas because you haven’t come up with anything yet. The most common house types in Denver, CO are shown below.


  • This style is easily seen in Denver since it is likely one of the most popular.
  • Its low profile, low-pitched roof with broad eaves, spacious front porch, wooden accents and trim, and open floor layout makes it one of Denver’s most popular home types.
  • Bungalows are usually one story, however, dormers with a modest second floor are common.


  • The colorful colors, two- or three-story construction, spacious first-story wrap-around porch, high-pitched roof, and ornate or “gingerbread” trim are all common features of these residences.
  • They have a quirky and classy look because of the bright colors and ornamental trim.
  • The owners of these properties enjoy the historic outside attractiveness while also adding to the internal charm.

Denver Square

  • The layout on each floor of Denver Square is separated into quarters and has a cubic form.
  • Most Denver Squares have a low-pitched roof with a deep overhang, a boxy design, a big front patio that runs the width of the house, and a center dormer with a window.
  • It is a traditional architectural style.

A Tudor Fairytale

  • Tudor-style residences exude a timeless appeal.
  • Tudor-style homes have the elegance of a modest cottage with their asymmetrical design, steep roof, and ornate half-timbering over brick or white stucco, even though the residences are sometimes rather large.
  • It’s highly unusual, and it’s often compared to the boxy Denver Square as a fanciful fairytale contrast.

Mid-Century Modern Style

  • The polar opposite of Denver’s cozier designs is mid-century modern residences.
  • These houses make a strong statement with their straight lines.
  • These homes are often open concept, allowing you to breathe and complement minimalist or modern design decor.

Are you ready to start looking for a home?

Now that you’re aware of the most common home types in Denver, you may begin to consider what would best fit your preferences, lifestyle, and budget. Getting some help in discovering your ideal house is the greatest way to get a sense of what’s out there. Synergy One Lending‘s Stacey Dowling is here to assist you. Stacey works closely with the client because she understands how difficult it is to locate and purchase a property. You can contact Stacey and schedule an appointment at (720) 637-1956.

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