Understanding the hype for solar in the Phoenix area


How much does Solar really cost? Is it worth it? What type of system should I get? Are there tax credits or rebates I should look into? How long would it take me to pay off my system? And why should I go solar? These are some of the questions one makes when understanding the hype for solar in the Phoenix area.

Sunlight provides enough energy to power our entire planet. Yet only 0.5% of it is converted into electricity. This means there’s a huge potential for renewable energy. There are two main types of clean energy, wind and solar. Both require land, but they also create jobs and reduce pollution. If you want to cut down on your carbon footprint, going solar makes sense.


Most people don’t realize that going solar has many benefits, one of them almost getting rid of their electricity utility bill. Some homeowners who install solar panels often receive a credit from their electric company when they reach a certain point of solar energy produced.

Plus, the average homeowner could start saving about $100 per month after paying for their panels, results may vary, but it’s an exciting idea to follow with expert guidance from such energy experts as August Heiss and the entire team of ADH Solar.

For these reasons and more, going solar is a smart decision.


3 Reasons going solar is a smart decision

  1. Solar panels are cost effective.

Solar panels can be installed at a fraction of the cost of conventional power sources. While this may seem like a good idea at first, there are other factors that need to be considered. A typical home built with normal electrical wiring costs between $25,000-$35,000. This means that you are paying around $0.30 per watt of power that goes into your system. If you compare this to the average electricity rate of $0.12/watt, you can begin to realize how much money you are losing just by using traditional energy.

  1. Solar panels allow you to use free energy!

If you look closely at the panels, they actually generate energy in the form of sunlight. With the help of inverters, you can easily transform this free energy into usable DC current. You can then plug these DC currents directly into any outlet that has standard voltage. There’s no need to pay high electric bills anymore.

  1. Solar power is clean.

One of the biggest fears people have about renewable energy resources is that they might pollute our environment. However, solar power does not emit harmful chemicals or waste into the air. Instead, it generates clean energy from the sun. In fact, some experts believe that we can obtain enough solar energy to power the entire planet.

Solar technologies access to the Surprise and Phoenix Metropolitan Area

ADH Solar provides Commercial and Residential services to Surprise and Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Their expert technicians have extensive knowledge of each product to execute the right solar system for you. Besides a full service in installing and maintaining your solar systems, ADH Solar offer Electrical, Air Conditioning, Heating Services, and more, helping their solar customers ensure their whole building functionality is taken care of. Call today at (623) 244-4040.

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