Why Artificial Turf is Perfect for Chandler, AZ Homes

If you are looking to improve your landscaping options with minimal maintenance then synthetic grass is the perfect affordable addition to any home!

– SAVE TIME ON MOWING & MAINTENANCE – Who wants to mow their lawn when it is 110° out? By installing fake turf in your yard, you will be able to avoid the backbreaking chore of pushing a mower around your entire property every few days during the summer. No more hauling around gas and oil either – you can plug your cord into an extension cord that is plugged into a nearby outlet.

– SAVE MONEY ON WATERING – With the amount of water Arizona has, it is not uncommon for homeowners to see their water bill skyrocket during the hot summer months. We all know with the heat in Arizona how important it is to keep hydrated but watering your grass (natural or synthetic) does take up a lot of water. Instead of paying high prices every month for lawn irrigation with natural grass, you can use recycled greywater from your sink!

– PETS & ALLERGIES – If you’ve ever owned a pet then there’s no doubt you’ve had an issue with finding ways to control the pet hair and dander. One way to ensure that your home is always clean with pets is by installing artificial grass. There’s no need to worry about having a mat outside for them to brush against – they can go right on the fake turf! Pets aren’t the only ones who benefit from turf; it also ensures that people who suffer from allergies don’t periodically have flare-ups.

– UV PROTECTION – Everyone knows how harmful of an impact prolonged exposure under the sun can do to our skin and eyesight, but what about our lawn? Can you imagine the damage caused by laying in a patch of grass all day during summer field trips or family barbecues? AZ homeowners choose synthetic turf because it provides year-round UV protection!

– NO DROUGHT RESTRICTIONS – With the depletion of Arizona’s natural water resources, many homeowners are restricted on when they can water their grass. When you have artificial turf, you do not need to worry about adhering to these rules because there is no more natural grass that needs to be watered. You save money and time by installing new synthetic grass!

– EASY TO CLEAN & MAINTAIN – A clean yard goes a long way in impressing visitors who come over but it also ensures that your family will be safe. There is never any dirt or mud tracked into your home with fake turf; only beautiful green lawn year-round! It can also stand up against harsh chemicals like weed killers or fertilizers that may be applied by homeowners trying to achieve the perfect lawn.

– REDUCE GREENHOUSE GRASSES – Faux grass has a huge impact on reducing carbon dioxide emissions because it does not need any pesticides or irrigation. The production of these products annually contributes to greenhouse gasses which are associated with global warming.

NO MORE INSECTS, PESTS, & WEEDS – With artificial turf, you will never have to deal with weeds popping up out of your yard again! You can also rest easy knowing that bugs and other harmful insects cannot survive in your backyard anymore without the nourishment of real grass. 

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