Why going Turf is the best idea for this summer if you are in phoenix

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Benefits of switching to turf instead of keeping natural grass

  1. Lower maintenance costs

Turfgrass requires less water than many other types of grasses. Watering is only necessary twice a week (once before sunrise and after sunset) and irrigation is not required at all. You do need to mow the lawn regularly to keep it looking nice, but the cost of maintaining these systems is much lower than traditional methods. If you have a sprinkler system, you can use any type of fertilizer without worrying about it harming the turf.

  1. No weeds

Weeds are a huge problem for homeowners who want to maintain their lawns. Weeds compete with plants for sunlight, space, and nutrients. When they take over your yard, they clog drainage systems and cause problems with erosion and runoff. Turfgrass does not suffer from weeds because it is naturally resistant to them. It can even outgrow some weeds if allowed to go unchecked.

  1. Green color

The green color of turfgrass makes your home look great. Many people believe that brown lawns are unattractive. However, having a lush green lawn takes effort and time to maintain. A well-maintained lawn looks good year-round regardless of the season.

  1. Increased property value

If you’re selling your home, then you know how valuable a clean and attractive exterior can be. Having a beautiful lawn boosts the value of your home. In addition to making your home look great, it also makes it easier to sell. Homeowners love to show off their yards and gardens, giving prospective buyers a chance to envision themselves enjoying the same things.

  1. Healthier pets

Many pet owners worry about what their dogs and cats eat. They don’t realize that the food they put in their mouths affects their own health just as it does theirs. Pets require a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Since grass is high in nutrition, it’s perfect for animals.

  1. Environmentally friendly

Grasslands help purify the air around us and prevent pollution from entering our homes. It also absorbs carbon dioxide, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It is estimated that planting 1 acre of grassland would capture enough CO 2 to offset the emissions produced by driving a car 100 miles!

Know from the Artificial Grass Masters what is best for your dream backyard

The reason why turfs are great is due to them providing good soil for plants and animals. They also absorb excess water from rain or sprinklers, so they rarely get soggy. In addition, turf allows air to circulate around the roots of trees and shrubs, keeping them healthier. If you’re ready to know your best options, contact Joshua Apodaca from Artificial Grass Masters today.

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