Why you NEED a financial advisor if you want to retire in Denver before your 50s

Financial advisors work closely with clients in many aspects of their lives, including managing investments and helping them plan for financial security both during their working years and when they retire. Brandi Tafoya in Five Rings Financial is a place to find such support and your own financial advisor, who can advise on how to build wealth over time, manage risk, mitigate potential losses, and minimize taxes.

Want to know more reasons to have your own financial advisor? Here you can find a couple of reasons more!

Reasons to hire a financial advisor today

  • A Financial Advisor Can Save You Money

Financial advisors are paid based on how much money they can save their clients. This means that they take into account your current situation, your future goals, your risk tolerance, and the amount of time you have until retirement. They then create an investment strategy that works best for you. Most people don’t realize this.

  • An Investment Strategy Is Your Roadmap To Retirement

A good financial advisor helps you figure out what type of investments you should make when you should invest, and how much you need to invest. In addition, they will help you manage your portfolio. If you do not know where to start, they will walk you through the process step-by-step.

  • You’ll Have More Time To Enjoy Life

Once you retire, you may find yourself spending more time traveling, volunteering, playing sports, or just relaxing. However, these activities require money. With a financial advisor, you can focus on enjoying life while still having enough money to pay the bills.

Hiring a financial planner can help you save thousands during retirement. If you are here, it means you definitely want to benefit from all of this! Hire a financial adviser, it’s time to start making decisions, financial investment decisions.

Here are three important aspects to talk about with your Financial Advisor.


Important aspects of your investment decisions that need personalized attention 

1. Annuities are contracts between an insurance company and a policyholder where the insurer agrees to pay a fixed amount at a future date. The terms of payment vary widely depending on the type of annuity being purchased. Some annuities require lump-sum payments upon purchase, others allow monthly payments to begin early, and still, others may require immediate payments after death. A financial advisor can help you decide which one is best for you.


2. While many employers offer a 401(k), they don’t all match contributions 100%. Some plans require employees to contribute a percentage of their paychecks; others let workers decide how much to contribute. If you already participate in a 401(k), this is likely the first step you took toward saving for retirement. Your employer might automatically enroll you into the plan if you meet certain qualifications, such as having worked there for a set period of time. Having a financial advisor guiding you to verify your state of 401(k) can help you have better peace of mind.


3. Life Insurance is a great way to protect your loved ones from financial hardship in case something happens to you. Do you need to make sure you have the right one? Would you be saving more if you bundle your insurance?

Make the best investing decisions with financial professionals

Most Americans aren’t aware that they should consider hiring a financial advisor as a means of wealth management to handle their money. Some people assume they can handle investing themselves, but a lack of knowledge and experience can lead to huge losses in retirement savings. Get in contact with Brandi Tafoya in Five Rings Financial, financial professionals in Denver helping you create a viable way to achieve financial goals before your 50s.

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