Infinite Power AZ Background

Infinite Power AZ
Athena Sy

Infinite Power AZ is a comprehensive program that takes care of all the research for you as to the available benefits; Both in zero downpayment solar systems, as well as any government grants and tax credits that may exist. A lot of people do not know that there are city, state and county grants that […]

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Inner Circle Energy Solutions By Powur

Inner Circle Energy Solutions by Powur
Deryl VanNostrand

What To Expect We are truly here for our clients, to create an experience for them unlike any other. Everyone on our team has a passion for serving, working together for the customers best interest. We know the solar process itself can be intimidating, so we’re available to you for any and all questions you […]

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Powur Solar background

Powur Solar
Jerell Mixon

Who You Are Working With Jerell Mixon, is a Christian, a Family Man, Business Owner, and Servant Leader. With a family consisting of his wife of 8 years and 5 children, he enjoys all things quality time. From going to local attractions, playing basketball, or simply creating new experiences. His heart is to equip generations […]

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People's Choice Solar background

Fusion Power
Daniel Diaz

We keep you ahead of the curve with the latest solar technology available. We are proud to offer our customers the most efficient solar products in the market. From our high-efficiency solar modules, to our optimizers and inverters, we ensure that your system will produce exactly what we promise, or your money back! We own […]

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Brilliant Solar Solutions

Brilliant Solar Solutions
Anthony Rivera

History Established in 2014. Brilliant Solar Solutions by Powur was created in 2021 after working for some of the largest solar companies in Arizona. Powur our general contractor was founded in 2014. Through Powur we can help homeowners with the best value for their money because of our relationship and partnership with Powur and their […]

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ADH Solar

ADH Solar’s mission is to respectfully educate and provide our customers the best long-term energy-efficient solutions they need. Residential Solar and Electric Services We offer several products and services to help you reduce the amount of money you pay on your residential monthly bill. Commercial Solar and Electric Services Commercial buildings use an enormous amount […]

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