Types of HOA.com Trusted Pros

HOA.com has many programs which will showcase your skilled trade to homeowners and other Pros to increase business referrals.

Become a Trusted pro and utilize badges of certifications from HOA.com

Certified Pro
$30/mo or $300 Annual

HOA.com Certified Pros have been vetted through a background check and are on the minimum HOA.com package to receive a profile listing & social badge.

Expert Pro
$99/mo or $999 Annual

HOA.com Expert Pros have taken a larger step forward for their business and receive a profile listing, social badge, two social graphics & a keyword rich article each month.

Premier Pro
$249/mo or $2,499 Annual

HOA.com Premier Pros are on the largest package and receive a profile listing, badge, four social graphics, two keyword rich articles each month and a Pro Spotlight Video Interview.

Certified Realtor Pro
$30/mo minimum package

HOA.com Certified Realtor Pros are essentially a Certified Pro, but service homeowners in more ways than one by being alliance leaders and community connectors. 

Certified Mortgage Expert
$30/mo minimum package

HOA.com Mortgage Experts are exactly what it sounds like. Loan Officers, lenders, agents, realtors, and experts in the mortgage industry where they will show on multiple location pages on HOA.com. 

Community Connector
$30/mo minimum package

HOA.com Community Connectors can be on any HOA.com package, but with the add-on goal of connecting homeowners  to professionals they can trust and refer business to on a daily basis.

Alliance Leader
$30/mo minimum package

HOA.com Alliance Leaders can also be on any type of  HOA.com package, with the goal of activating referral networks and connecting Pros to other Pros that refer business back and forth to serve homeowners.

Royalty Member
$10,000/min Investment

This exclusive opportunity which HOA.com has just recently released, Royalty Members will receive a portion of every dollar HOA.com generates through 2027 with a $10k buy-in and up to $100,000 return.

Do you want to Get more involved in your community?

It may be a perfect opportunity to speak with HOA.com about becoming a Community Connector. If you want to help people in your community, host events, and put smiles on faces – this may be a perfect fit for you!