1st signs of Mold to watch out for this summer in the Denver area!

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Here are five things you should look out for if you suspect you or someone else has a mold problem

  1. Moldy smell

This is often the first sign of a mold problem. It could have been caused by a variety of factors including poor air circulation, over-watering, high humidity levels, and improper ventilation. A moldy odor can linger for several days after the initial occurrence. If you notice a strong, persistent moldy smell, contact a professional immediately.

  1. Dark spots

Dark spots may appear anywhere on your marijuana plant. These dark spots indicate fungal infections and can range in color from yellow to black. If these spots continue to increase in size or number, they may indicate a larger issue.

  1. Yellowing leaves

If you’re noticing yellowing leaves, you need to take action quickly. Over time, a loss of chlorophyll causes leaves to turn yellow. You can try to slow down the progression by cutting back on watering and sunlight exposure. However, if the situation continues, call a professional immediately.

  1. Branch dieback
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Branch dieback occurs when branches begin to wither and lose their shape. As the branch dies, it begins to rot. This rotting process eventually kills off the entire branch. To prevent this type of damage, keep an eye on your buds throughout the flowering stage.

  1. Shrinking buds

Shrinkage is when bud tips start to droop and shrink. This is not only unsightly, but it could also lead to decreased yields. Try to avoid this by keeping good airflow around your plants and ensuring they get adequate amounts of water.

Act quickly and call a professional to stop mold from growing

Mold develops when moisture collects and grows in confined spaces. A home with humid conditions may harbor mold spores. If mold starts growing in your home, it creates health problems for people who breathe air containing mold spores. It also causes damage to possessions including furniture, clothing and food items. These problems increase the cost of repairing homes damaged by mold and add to the stress felt by homeowners who live with mold in their houses.

The best way to eradicate mold growth from your living space is to call a professional mold removal company. They have the tools and expertise needed to remove all signs of mold from your house quickly and safely. Professional mold removers follow the correct protocol for cleaning up mold. This includes wearing protective gear such as respiratory protection and gloves.

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