5 of the Best Areas in Denver to Buy a Home This Year

Are you considering purchasing a property in Denver? Denver is one of the fastest-growing metro areas in the country, thanks to its high job growth rates and proximity to the Rocky Mountains. Denver is a terrific city to call home whether you’re a young professional coming out of college or just starting a family. Stacey Dowling of Synergy One Lending in Denver can help you get your home.

Here are the five best areas in Denver to buy a home this year:

1. South Park Hill

  • South Park Hill is ideal for large families with larger incomes who need more space.
  • Timberbrook is a wonderful community with large, beautiful homes, several walking pathways, and a safe environment for children to play on the street.
  • This location is ideal for nature lovers. You have Timber Brook Park, a modest but ideal picnic spot, and the Collin Square green belt and the beautiful Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve are both within walking distance–or a short drive.

2. University

  • Ideal for students at Denver University who want to live close to the university and its vibrant yet tranquil environment.
  • It offers a great mix of family and student-friendly activities.  There is much to keep you entertained but it is also a peaceful and calm location to live.
  • This stylish section of town is a go-to without breaking into that looming overdraft.

3. Highlands

  • The location is ideal for young professionals who want to live near the river.
  • Farm-to-table restaurants abound, as do bike stations throughout the neighborhood, and top ice cream stores donate food to those in need with every scoop sold. It’s a modern-day community that values its neighbors, the environment, and society.
  • If you’re thinking about moving to Denver, this is one of our top three neighborhoods to visit.

4. Cherry Creek

  • Perfect for young families wishing to get their children on the waiting list for some of Colorado’s best schools.
  • Cherry Creek has a lot going for it: high but -end shopping, fine art galleries, festivals, and some of Colorado’s best schools. It’s a fantastic alternative for new parents who want to relive their golden days now and then.
  • Cherry Creek is a pricey neighborhood, it is well worth it. It’s a fantastic place to live, with a terrific commercial district, good school district, and vibrant arts scene.

5. Five Points

  • Ideal for young professionals looking for a varied community with a vibrant cultural environment.
  • Five Points is an excellent option. It earns five points in all of our entertainment categories, living up to its name.
  • Five Points is a top pick for you if you’re seeking a hip and dynamic area close to downtown with a plethora of modern clubs and eateries while also keeping its past.

Denver might be the finest location for you if you’re seeking a city surrounded by nature with an unbelievable influx of the future generation of our country’s innovators. Stacey Dowling is a premier pro of Synergy One Lending in Denver that can help your move go as smoothly as possible. Contact now at (720) 637-1956.

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