Backyard Renovation – Install Artificial Turf This Year

When you want to make your backyard something special, there are many options. You could go the
traditional route and plant the backyard with flowers or replace your worn-out wooden fence with a
new one. You could even put in an above-ground pool or build a play area for your kids! There are so
many great backyard renovation options that it can be difficult to pick just one.

One of the most popular backyard renovation ideas is artificial turf. Installing artificial turf in your
backyard is the perfect way to give it a brand-new look without having to lift a finger in what would have
been wasted space. With all of the different types of artificial grass available today, you have plenty of
options when it comes time to customize your backyard’s new look!

What Are Some Good Reasons to Go with Artificial Turf?

There are many backyard renovation ideas that you can choose from, but it is often difficult to decide
which one is right for your backyard. If the artificial turf idea sounds like something that might interest
you, there are quite a few good reasons why it might be the backyard renovation best suited for your

Time-Saving – Putting in artificial turf is faster than other backyard renovations because you don’t need
to wait for anything to grow or prepare the yard before you install! This makes it easy if you want to sell
your home and move quickly, as well as just wanting an immediate backyard refresh.

No Mess – The installation process of artificial turf does not cause any mess or debris. This is great news
for anyone who dreads cleaning up backyard renovation messes.

Customization – Artificial turf is highly customizable, letting you choose from a variety of different
colors and styles that are sure to fit any backyard’s design! You can even create backyard designs that
are exclusive to artificial turf, making it the backyard renovation idea perfect for designers and
architects alike.

Environmentally Friendly – If you want your backyard renovation to make a statement about your
environmental beliefs, artificial turf is one of the best backyard renovations around. These days, most
artificial grass uses recycled materials, helping reduce landfill waste while also giving your home an eco-
friendlier feel.

How Much Does It Cost?

Artificial turf itself does not cost much, but the backyard renovation process to install it usually costs
about $2-$5 per square foot. If you don’t have any experience installing artificial turf, you should
probably hire an expert anyway because they will know just what to do to get the backyard renovation
done as fast as possible.

This backyard renovation might be just what your backyard needs to look brand new. With so many
good reasons to have artificial turf installed, there is no reason not to go with it! To see how much, it

would cost for you, visit a local artificial turf store and ask a representative about their backyard
renovation process.

Remember that artificial turf lasts around 15-20 years, so if you want a backyard renovation that will
save you money and time in the long run it is certainly worth considering.

Contact Artificial Grass Masters at (602) 691-5227 if you’re planning on installing artificial turf.

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