Preventative Maintenance Programs for Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioning equipment is only designed to last 8-15 years and it’s important that your Air Conditioner is properly maintained by a trained Air Conditioning technician for maximum performance, efficiency, and reliability. Air conditioners are designed to work optimally when they are clean. A lot of people think they can save money by not getting regular Air Conditioner service or preventative maintenance agreements with an Air Conditioning contractor, but it actually costs more in the long run.

The following are benefits you get from having an Air Conditioning Contractor do regular inspections on your Air Conditioner: The price for Air Conditioner equipment has escalated greatly over the past decade. Air conditioning equipment is more efficient than ever before, but the cost of replacement equipment has gone up just as dramatically. Air conditioners are designed to work optimally when they are clean, so regular Air Conditioning service can save you thousands of dollars on replacement costs by identifying problems with your Air Conditioner before they become major repairs.

Most Air Conditioning contractors will charge between $60-$100 for an Air Conditioning tune-up and parts are very inexpensive compared to what they used to be. If you think that paying a little now will end up costing you big in the long run, then I urge you to go look at some prices on new units and compare it with an Air Conditioning tune-up, Air Conditioner filter replacement, and Air Conditioner evaporator coil cleaning (which is also important to remove bacteria that can cause allergies).

Regular Air Conditioning service will help prevent Air Conditioner failure. Air conditioning equipment is only designed to last 8-15 years. If you go longer than this without doing anything about your Air Conditioner’s “bad” parts, the cost of repairs (especially during high season or when it’s really hot outside) will double or possibly triple the price of a regular Air Conditioning tune-up. In fact, many Air Conditioners fail completely during peak usage times, such as summer months when you need it most! Having said all that, I’m sure you would agree that Air Conditioner service is a small price to pay for potentially thousands of dollars in savings!

People hire professionals to do Air Conditioner maintenance. The Air Conditioner equipment can be rather complicated and it’s not something that you want to try taking apart on your own because it could end up costing you more to fix if you do end up breaking something. Air Now Inc. Air Conditioning contractors offer Air Conditioner service at highly competitive prices, which includes Air Conditioner tune-up, Air Conditioner filter replacement, Air Conditioner evaporator coil cleaning, and Air Conditioning diagnostic service. Air Conditioning contractors are fully insured, licensed Air Conditioning professionals that have the knowledge, training, and expertise to work on all makes and models of Air Conditioners.

Many Air Conditioning contractors offer Air Conditioner service as part of a preventative maintenance plan, which can really save you money in the long run. Air conditioners are designed to last 8-15 years so having routine Air Conditioners service is crucial for making sure that your Air conditioner continues to work efficiently and effectively year from year. 

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