New Exterior Paint May Increase the Value of Your Denver Home

The exterior of your home is one of the first things people see, and it can either help or hurt you when selling your home. Because exterior paint colors are so important to attracting buyers, many homeowners choose to paint their homes before listing them on the market. Not only does exterior paint create curb appeal, but it also helps protect the exterior surface of your home against fading and chipping.

But which exterior colors will be favored by potential homebuyers?

What exterior colors make a Denver house look bigger?

And how do exterior color trends differ from coast to coast?

We visited real estate professionals in five different regions across the country to find out what exterior paint colors they’ve been seeing more of lately – and why those particular shades were chosen over others.

According to Traci Wilken, a real estate agent with EXIT Realty Achievers in Fort Collins, Colo., exterior green shades are all the rage in her area. “In the last month I have been really surprised by how many houses on the market have been painted a mossy or sage green color,” said Wilken of this soothing exterior shade. “I see a lot less of the bright blues and yellows that had been popular for a while.” However, she notes that these mellow exterior colors typically don’t sell as quickly as some more vibrant exterior shades do.

What about you? Are there exterior paint colors you’ve seen more frequently in your area?

What exterior color sells homes in your area? Are exterior home colors different from coast to coast? 

What exterior color makes your house look bigger?

Beyond exterior green exterior paints, our sources say exterior yellow home paints are also on the rise. “We’re starting to see exterior yellow home paints in areas that had previously been dominated by neutrals,” said Buetow of Midwest exterior paint trends. Funky exterior yellow home paint shades like Daffodil or Mustard are also gaining popularity, especially in Denver.

Be sure to check out exterior paint trends for coastal areas at the bottom of this article, too! And if you’re thinking about sprucing up the exterior color scheme:

Exterior Paint Color Trends in Colorado: “I’m seeing homes with exterior green exterior paints selling quickly in Denver,” said Melisa Smith, an exterior real estate agent with Mile High Realty. “It’s the first time I’m seeing green exterior paint colors increasing in popularity.”

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