Install a Putting Green in Your Surprise, AZ Home this Year 

Surprise, AZ is a popular community for families with children.

The area has great schools and friendly people, making it an ideal place to live, work, and play. 

However, there are some drawbacks to living in the desert-like five months without rain or four months of scorching temperatures. 

Another outdoor concern many Arizona homeowners face is how to cope with summer temperatures during the peak times of July and August. The answer comes in form of an artificial putting green installed at your home this year!

Why invest in an artificial putting green?

Because they’re constructed to be used in any weather condition with minimal need of maintenance. They are easy to maintain, healthier for your body with less physical exertion needed, and they provide an aesthetically pleasing way to work on your short game or brush up on your golf skills.

So, what are some good times to install a putting green?

The most popular time is spring because there’s still plenty of time before winter comes around again! Some homeowners like to wait until the Christmas holiday season. Others prefer to get it done soon after Thanksgiving so they can start using their new backyard oasis during the coldest months. Speaking of which, daytime highs could be as low as sixty degrees Fahrenheit by December and January so it’s possible to play even then if you have your green-up by then.

If you are thinking about getting an artificial putting green installed in your Surprise backyard, just remember that not all greens are the same! The top brands out there can be expensive but they’re worth it when considering how much use you’ll get out of your new backyard sports facility. You should keep in mind that many synthetic putting greens require a special mat to protect the bottom side from sun damage and other problems associated with outdoor exposure including water run-off.

Accuracy, consistency, and durability are three main features these types of golfing surfaces provide. Artificial putting greens are also great for winter play because it’s easy to adjust speeds depending on what type of shot is needed at any particular time.

Another thing worth considering before installation is where you want to place the green. You can build it in virtually any area of the back yard but try not to make it too close to trees or other structures because they’ll reduce the speed and accuracy of your short putts.

Finally, the installation of a putting green is ideal for those who enjoy practicing their golf game. Once you have all the kinks worked out of your new surface, it’s time to show off your new skills and impress friends and family! A backyard putting green installation during the spring will be one you’ll never regret making.

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