Most Anticipated Smart Home Security System Of 2023

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Top Most Anticipated Upgrades Smart Home Security System Of 2023 Could Provide

  1. Cameras

Cameras have become commonplace today, especially since smartphones have been integrated into our daily lives. However, they still lack some features that make them ideal for security purposes. Most cameras use infrared (IR) lights to look at objects in the dark, but IR lighting isn’t great at picking out details. Even if you have a camera with night vision capabilities, it won’t always pick up what you want. So it would be nice to have a camera that can detect faces, license plates, people moving around, and even pets. If you could integrate these technologies into one device, then we might finally have a smart home security system.

  1. Voice recognition

Voice recognition technology is already being used to help control various devices. In fact, Amazon Alexa uses voice recognition technology to answer questions about products and services. But it could do much more than that. Imagine having a smart speaker that recognizes your voice and automatically turns off any lights or appliances in the house, or opens doors or locks. That kind of convenience couldn’t be achieved without voice recognition.

  1. Motion sensors

Motion sensors are becoming increasingly popular, especially when it comes to detecting intruders. These motion detectors send alerts to your phone whenever they sense movement. Since these systems are wireless, you don’t need to worry about wiring anything together. You just need to set them up near entrances and exits. Once someone breaks in, the alert will go directly to the police or whoever else you designate. There’s no need to call anyone yourself since the alarm company will notify the authorities based on your command.

  1. Biometric fingerprint identification

This method of authentication requires users to place their fingers onto a scanner, which scans their fingerprints and compares them to the information stored in a database. Fingerprint scanners aren’t perfect yet, though. They tend to be slow and can sometimes get confused by similar-looking prints. Still, this is the best way to identify individuals right now. And if you add biometrics to doorbell cameras, then it becomes even easier to verify who’s ringing the bell.

  1. Remotely controlled drones

Drones are a game changer for surveillance. You no longer need to pay someone to sit outside your house; instead, you can simply fly a drone over the roof and take pictures and videos. Drones are also incredibly convenient because you don’t need to run back inside after taking footage. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting caught either. All you have to do is push a button and let the drone fly away.

  1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence software is already being used to automate tasks. For example, Google Assistant searches the Internet to find answers to your questions. The video footage combined with facial recognition technology can provide a future where AI takes over detecting visitors.

  1. Wireless power transfer

Wireless charging eliminates the hassle of plugging cords into outlets. Instead of running wires throughout your house, you can simply put a small pad on top of whatever item you’re charging. This could mean you’ll never have to dig through piles of cables again!

It’s no secret that people love gadgets that provide peace of mind

We’ve seen that time and again with smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches, but now we’re seeing the same thing happen with our homes. People want smart technology to make them feel safer, smarter and more connected than ever. If you want one of our trusted members to guide you in the smart home devices world, you can learn about them on the following page.

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