Selling Your Denver Home? Kelley Hamilton with Edge Home Finance Can Help!

Kelley Hamilton The Home Purchase Loan Proces

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Kelley’s experience gives her the know-how of what buyers want and how to effectively market your property. She also knows how to overcome challenges and negotiate a better deal. Whether you are buying or selling, she can help you achieve your goals. When Kelley is working with clients, she will always start marketing their properties well before the season starts if it is the best option for them. 

How can I make my home more appealing to buyers?

Whether you want to list your Colorado home for sale today, or plan to buy a new home soon, you may find yourself asking questions like: “What should I do first? What exactly is a pre-listing inspection, anyway?” We’ve got some answers for those questions plus many others. So check out these tips for preparing your home for sale, and get ready to start marketing your property today!

  1. Get Ready

The best way to prepare your home for the market is to give it a thorough cleaning before listing it. You don’t want potential buyers seeing a cluttered kitchen or dirty floors after a long day spent cooking dinner. Make sure everything looks good and smells fresh-from-the-oven (or clean-from-a-long-day-of-cooking). Plus, if any appliances have broken down recently, fix them now. Potential buyers won’t mind taking care of minor repairs themselves, but they’ll definitely notice if something’s wrong.

  1. Clean Up Outside

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If you’re hoping to sell your home in the near future, improve curb appeal. Try raking leaves, trimming trees and bushes, applying mulch, planting flowers, and adding new landscaping features. Also, make sure the exterior of your home is free of clutter and trash. Even small items like newspapers and empty soda cans can cause problems for prospective buyers.

  1. Remove Clutter

Once you’ve cleaned up inside and outside, take a few minutes to go through each room in your home and remove anything that doesn’t belong. Clear off tables and shelves, sweep away cobwebs, empty garbage bags, throw out old magazines and newspapers, and tidy up clothing piles. Throw out whatever you no longer use, including expired food, old furniture, and broken electronics.

  1. Fix Leaks & Other Problems

Problems with plumbing can lead to water damage, mold, mildew, and even structural issues. A leaky toilet or sink can really hurt your chances of getting top dollar for your home. Check around the faucet for leaks, and repair any that you spot. While you’re doing so, consider replacing your fixtures with high quality models to avoid further damage.

  1. Create a Staging Plan

As mentioned above, you want to ensure your home is well maintained and clean before putting it on the market. But once you’ve done that, you’ll still need to create a staging plan for your home that shows how great it looks. Use pictures to show off the nicest aspects of your home, like spacious rooms, beautiful views, and stunning decor. Include details like window treatments.

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When it comes time to sell your home, it’s important to find someone who knows what they’re doing – one who has experience with real estate transactions in your neighborhood. If you want to make sure that you land a good deal, Kelley Hamilton with Edge Home Finance is the realtor you need to hire. She is a professional agent who understands the local housing market and can provide objective advice about pricing and terms, call her today!

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