The Biggest Interior Design Trends in Phoenix This Year

Have you considered incorporating a more contemporary interior design around your home? Maybe it’s finally time to replace that outdated kitchen or bathroom?  If that’s the case, you’ll have a lot of possibilities when working with expert designers. Kristine Vowles makes sure everything is coordinated with what homeowners are expecting.

These are some of the biggest trends in interior designing this 2022, phoenix area:

A love of layering

  • People are becoming more comfortable with the concept of layering colors, textures, and patterns, which was once the domain of maximalists and the bohemian set. Layering upholstered textiles, soft furnishings, artwork, wall coverings, and decor to create eclectic, sophisticated, and professionally curated designs is a popular trend this season.

Brown furniture and antiques

  • For a long time, the Scandinavian aesthetic of bleached wood has ruled supreme, but in the last year, a growing number of clients—particularly younger ones—have expressed an interest in purchasing antiques.
  • This could be due to supply chain concerns or simply a desire to warm up a home, as brown furniture appears to be making a comeback in general.

Wallpaper takes up residence

  • For the past few years, wallpaper has grown in popularity. And with good reason: there now appear to be virtually unlimited possibilities ready to uncover a wealth of design potential.
  • Wallpaper provides flavor and impact to any room, making it feel truly distinct and special. There are limitless patterns to choose from, and they can be used almost everywhere.

More moody colors Design

  • While bright and vibrant colors are currently popular in homes, moody colors are also being used to create a dramatic effect in rooms, establishing beautiful and enlightened tones in carefully selected areas. Another popular spot for a deeper shade that can create a cocoon-like atmosphere is the bedroom.

Being bold with color and pattern

  • Color and pattern will be important in 2022, while relaxing, monochromatic environments will always have a place. Some designer claims that all of their clients are beginning to embrace more color or even those who are hesitant to commit are willing to add accessories like colorful and joyful pillows to brighten up a space and for now patterns are showing up in cushions and window treatments which are all great ways to freshen up your space because these things can be simply replaced when you become tired of them.

Flower power

  • According to some designers, 2022 is the ideal year to wave goodbye to muted materials and hello to vibrant blooms. They embrace florals not only in fabrics but also in wallpapers, which brighten up interiors.
  • They also claim that manufacturers are flooding their libraries with beautiful new flower-themed selections and that all of her clients are overjoyed

These trends are meant to improve your quality of life and make your home more beautiful. A home should be more than just a place to call home. The ultimate goal is to instill a sense of personality in this atmosphere, allowing your particular tastes to shine through. You can contact Kristine Vowles of The Luxury Look at (480) 339-0018

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