Why Aaron Kerscher with Fairway Mortgage should be your first choice in phoenix if you are looking for options to buy your first home!

Why Fairway?

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In order to make sure you get what you want out of the affordable housing market, you need to start off with the basics. We’ll begin with where exactly you live and what kind of area you’re looking at. There are plenty of different neighborhoods across the city, each offering their own unique set of qualities. So before you even think about purchasing anything, you need to figure out where you’d like to live.

If you’re not really sure about the neighborhood, take a look at the schools. You don’t necessarily have to move near a school, but having access to good ones might help determine whether or not you’re comfortable living somewhere. Of course, location isn’t everything. However, it’s definitely something you want to consider if you consider having children.

You may find yourself drawn to certain parts of town over others, especially depending on the type of people who reside there. A lot of families seem to gravitate towards places like Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, etc., while others seek out areas like Paradise Valley, South Mountain Park, North Central, Downtown, etc. But no matter where you end up moving, you’ll want to keep in mind that proximity to major roads really matters.

One thing to note is that many of these neighborhoods tend to be pretty expensive. And although they’re nice areas, they may not be the best fit for everyone. Also, keep in mind that if you’re trying to rent out your place, you may actually want to stay away from those super pricey areas. Your rental income could be higher elsewhere.

Let’s talk about the actual houses themselves

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As you can tell, there are numerous factors to consider before making any sort of decision. Before you head out to check out any particular properties, however, you should always try to get a feel for them. Take a walk around the block, drive by, call ahead, whatever it takes to get a sense of the community and the surrounding environment. Then, once you finally settle on a place, you can start to narrow down your options. Get estimates on things like plumbing, electrical work, roofing, landscaping, etc.

Once you know all of your costs, you can then compare them to the amount you’ve got saved up. Keep in mind that you’ll probably want to put 20% down on the property, so factor that into your calculations. Plus, you’ll have closing costs to pay. Make sure you have enough money to cover both of those items.

It’s not hard to imagine that you simply want to get into homeownership

In Phoenix, buying your first home might seem daunting. Maybe you’ve been saving up for years, or maybe you just need the extra cash flow. Either way, you’ll probably have quite a few questions about the process. There’s no shortage of real estate agents trying to sell you on why their particular agency is best suited to help you find a house.

But when you’re ready to make the big move up, you want to choose someone who has experience navigating the process in Phoenix. That person would be Aaron Kerscher from Fairway Mortgage, call him today!

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