How eXp Realty is Changing the Real Estate Landscape in Austin

How do real estate agents get new listings across multiple platforms? And how can they effectively manage their clients’ properties? Do they know if the city of Austin would be better for your lifestyle? If not Austin, which areas you would love the most to live in?

Shara Parker from Ex Realty enjoys more than just analyzing properties for buyers and selling them. She also enjoys giving advice to them through the decision-making and negotiation processes, making a difference in many people’s new lives in Austin.

Austin is more than an area with housing affordability

Do you want to live in a city where you can walk to work, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, parks, museums, etc? In Austin, Texas, you can. The city has over 3 million residents who enjoy a laid-back lifestyle. And although Austin isn’t exactly known for its nightlife scene, it does offer plenty of opportunities for entertainment.

Austin was ranked number one on Forbes’ 2016 America’s Best Places to Retire list. This city offers a great quality of life with low taxes, lots of outdoor activities, and affordable housing options.

Also, Austin is home to some of the country’s largest companies such as Dell, Apple, Amazon, and Google. As a result, real estate prices are relatively high. But thanks to Exp Realty, you can find a house or apartment in the right area to live in and in an affordable manner.

The importance of the experience of your Real Estate Agent

If you live outside of a major metropolitan area, you may not realize how much information an experienced realtor can provide. They will be able to give you detailed information about what parts of town are considered desirable, so you can find a home that fits your needs and budget.

Additionally, the real estate market has changed dramatically over the last decade. Nowadays, you don’t necessarily need to physically visit a property to see it or even speak to its owner. Instead, you can view virtual tours and information online. But having an experienced and knowledgeable person as your guide is the best option anybody can take.

As housing markets continue to change, real estate professionals will need to adapt and stay current. Making eXp Realty the Real Estate Agency you must contact in Austin because they can provide all this and more.

Shara Parker from eXp Realty is Changing the Real Estate Landscape in Austin

Having lived in Austin since 1980, Shara has gained invaluable insights into the community and its neighborhoods throughout her professional life. She offers advice and guidance to those looking to buy or sell homes in the area. She also shares her love of Austin and its many charms when she speaks to groups around town. She specializes in Westlake Hills, Barton Hills, Lake Travis, Lake Austin, and Circle C, but maintains a wide scope to fit her client’s needs. 

Shara has been helping people buy and sell homes in Austin. Her goal is to help you understand your options, and get what you want while working within your budget. She helps people navigate the complicated world of buying and selling a house, and she does it all with integrity, honesty, and genuine care for others. Don’t wait any longer and contact eXp Realty and ask for Shara Parker today!


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